Pay it forward

Our mission at Rangi Saba Designs is to Pay It Forward. This came about to relive childhood traditions with my family of giving with zero expectations of getting back in return, aside inner satisfaction of course.

We pride ourselves in contributing positively to a wider society where a single purchase has so many touch points and affects several people directly: the buyer and/or the receiver, the artisans who create the products, myself as a small business owner, and the Australian charity that I donate funds from the sale to.

Little by little, a little becomes a lot. ~ Tanzanian Proverb

Help us Pay It Forward by purchasing our Gifts With Purpose!


So far, with our ‘pay it forward’ mission, we have donated to:

Q4 2019 - Share the Dignity. Read more here

Q1 2020 - BlazeAid and Native Animal Network of SA. Read more here

Birthday Giveaway/Q2 2020 - Catherine House. Read more here

Q3 2020 - Lifeline Adelaide. Read more here

Q4 2020 - Headspace Adelaide. More to come soon